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Working on some custom Vans shoes
~ The rabbit is going to eat ya!
Hold your fingers crossed for this project to see the lights of day sooner than never :)

Еarrings & necklace created in collaboration with PaIndora  -  https://www.facebook.com/paindoraJewellery

Photo: Vampyr works -  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vampyr-works/247492048750130?hc_location=timeline

Make-up: Vili Vulkova -  https://www.facebook.com/profesionalen.grimior  

“Candy Zombie Bunnies” small figurines

Cute, scary, odd and hungry – this is how I like to describe my little twisted Zombie Bunnies and it just so happens to be that they have craving hunger for candy instead of flesh.
.. But who knows..

They are handmade from polymer clay, each one is different that the rest.

” Candy Zombie Bunnies ”
Some of my Zombie Bunnies ended up on a metal frame…

” Candy Zombie Bunnies ” is a project I’m working on  which involves small figurines I make from polymer clay. Some of them ended up on a metal frame…

The idea was for them to be these little cute but odd bunnies with a sweet tooth for sugar, but now looking at some of them I could actually see them more as a Zombie Bunnies which I’m starting to like even more. They are hungry but it’s just that they have craving hunger for candy instead of flesh 

.. Who knows..

A  collaboration with Knapp ‘s The alley with the rabbits Light collection S/S 2013

Knapp house and Zinaarts collaborating together creating one magic and inspirational line just for you. Hopefully everyone is going to have a bunny for their wardrobe …

Knapp https://www.facebook.com/KnappClothing

Original rabbit drawings by Zina Nedelcheva

One pair illustrated wooden earrings 
( back side “Lollipop” )

Find more at : https://www.facebook.com/Zinaarts

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"Home theater" & "Cage" 
ink on paper
50/50 cm, 45/44 cm, 2013


"The dream boat"ink on paper46/50 cm, 2013
"Fishing"ink on paper47/50 cm, 2013

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